07867 942 490 ©’Don’t Go Into The Cellar!’   2017   All rights reserved ‘Tea with Oscar Wilde’ Ladies, Gentlemen, Etc... You are all cordially invited to the 1880’s wittiest “Chit-Chat” show where a gay time is guaranteed! You’ll be ‘Wilde’ about who he has on his chaise... The popular modern chat show reimagined for the Victorian age, hosted by the  acclaimed wit of the era, Oscar Wilde. Following the now familiar format, guests  include a selection of some of the ‘celebrities’ of the day. Packed with gossip, song  and humour - and a few surprises - this light-hearted performance invites the audience   to experience the 1890’s wittiest “chit-chat” show. Plenty of audience interaction... and maybe cucumber sandwiches & Pimms!  “This is much more than a show; it is really a theatre experience, being both immersive and interactive...” ‘Penny Dreadful! - or, Mrs Lovett’s Revenge! There are chills and chuckles in abundance with this original one-woman show featuring Sweeney Todd's partner in crime, Mrs Lovett! Be appalled by a plethora of other grotesque characters from the cheap and grisly pages of the Victorian era's penny dreadful papers, in a theatrical comedy suitable for children and the young at heart. Go on have a close shave with Mrs Lovett... She'd love to have you for dinner... audience participation. Packed with dark humour guaranteed to delight the young... and the not so young! Specially devised for families. Read a review of the show Penny Dreadful is a fast-paced one-woman show featuring mult-role play and lots of PERFORMANCE DATES ‘The Singular Exploits of Sherlock Holmes’ The greatest fictional sleuth of all time springs back to life in these stirring adaptations of the  Conan Doyle classics. A high-energy one-man show, featuring a plethora of dashing heroes,  villainous rogues and vintage thrills! Featuring the great detective recounting highlights of his crime-busting career.  The show also includes autobiographical snippets detailing his life and times,  the adversries he has faced and myseries he has solved. The performance is   an affectionate one-man homage to the world’s greatest detective that includes  quick costume changes and wry humour. “... a real crowd pleaser and a must-see for any fans of Holmes, Victoriana and adventure.” Read a review of the show ‘Morbid Curiosities Queens of Victorian Horror Be chilled by the Queens of Victorian horror fiction with our theatrical portmanteau of vintage blood-curdlers! This original stage thriller features all-new adaptations of “The Yellow Wallpaper”, “The Old Nurse's Story” and “John Charrington's Wedding”. Allow the ghouls of the nineteenth-century to crawl from their crypts, as we show how the female of the species can be even deadlier than the male... “Twisted Jackanory... Designed to scare!” Morbid Curiosities: Queens of Victorian Horror celebrates some of the finest gothic literature from female authors of the19th Century. A unique adaptation featuring a female duo, multi-role play, sound effects and atmospheric lighting. A truly chilling and claustraphobic production!  ‘Murder by Gaslight’ A ghoulish audience with two of the most infamous poisoners in British history - William Palmer  and Harvey Crippen. We invite you to encounter these murderous men of medicine as the diabolical  doctors regale you with their case histories, and invite you to judge for yourselves whether they  were in fact, guilty as charged! “An entertaining evening where, despite the grim subject matter, humour is never far from the surface.” ‘Frankenstein 1899’ The nineteenth century is drawing to an end, and a brave new world is set to dawn. But the new age of enlightenment and reason will soon be challenged, and scientific fact cast asunder, when the charismatic preacher, Frankenstein, shocks Britons to the core with his claims. For the Reverend can communicate with the dead, and those sceptics intolerant of his beliefs will soon pay for their blasphemy. “...A new approach to well-loved material.” years of the nineteenth century, we twist the theme from Science to Spiritualism. Featuring two actors and multiple role-playing... with maybe just a little audience participation! Frankenstein 1899 is a unique reimagining of the classic gothic horror. Set in the final few Read a review of the show ‘Jekyll the Ripper’ The year is 1888, and London is in terror at the murder spree being committed by Saucy Jack! Why not seek respite  from the horrors of Whitechapel by spending the evening inside Tabram's Music Hall? Fairy Fay guarantees a  ripping time will be shared by one and all... A macabre cabaret of Victorian songs, weird skits and disturbing  vignettes wherein you will meet a miscellany of suspects in unfamiliar guises. But which one is the Ripper? ‘Terror on the Tracks’ Journey back to the days of steam, where untold menace could be found lurking in the tunnels, set to leap out of the darkness to ensnare the unwary! An original stage adaptation of Charles Dickens' "The Signal- Man" and other tales of menace and melodrama are the bill of fare on offer to those brave enough to join us. ‘Dracula’s Ghost’ This spine-tingling original theatrical show tracks the vampire king from his destruction at the hands of  Van Helsing, through his many incarnations down the centuries. His sole confidante is the grieving  widow of Bram Stoker, whose past and future selves are inextricably linked to the Count. An intriguing and inventive new piece featuring two actors, multi-role playing and lashings of  grand guignol!  “Beautifully crafted... An intelligent insight into the mind of the immortal.” Read a review of the show ‘Old Haunts’ Following the success of Warnings to the Curious, we present Old Haunts: An Evening of Classic Ghost Stories. An original one-man show based on those vintage spine-tinglers, "Casting the Runes" and "Oh, Whistle, and I'll Come to You, My Lad".  An atmospheric and unsettling adaptation of two timeless tales of terror! “Quality entertainment... intelligent, well presented and chilling” Old Haunts is a one-man stageshow that incorporates multi-role play. Mood lighting and carefully selected sound effects combine with dramatic story-telling to bring Montague Rhodes James’s best known ghost stories back from the dead! Read a review of the show ‘The Canterville Ghost’ Be prepared for chills and chuckles with this original stage adaptation of Oscar Wilde's classic tale!  Spooky goings-on and eerie incidents are terrifying the new inhabitants of Canterville Chase. Will the ghost of Sir Simon drive them away, or can the mischievous spirit finally be laid to rest? “Spirited fun for all the Family” character changes and audience interaction, this charming one-man show skillfully  invites the audience to participate directly in the dramatic story telling! The Canterville Ghost is specially written for young audiences. Including plenty of ‘Library of Screams’ Classic spine-tinglers from the Golden Age of Horror are given a new lease of blood in this original stage chiller. Join the mysterious librarian, Nathaniel Caldicott as he shares several curious tales of the macabre and the mysterious including "The Beast with Five Fingers" and "The Room in the Tower"! ‘A Pandemonium of Poe’ Be chilled by an evening's eerie entertainment, with this original theatrical anthology of a selection of  Poe's finest feats of fear-filled fiction! Be guided by the sinister Dr Trevellyan as he leads you into the  deepest recesses of the human psyche. Along the way you will encounter such stark terror as may  shatter the senses! But will you emerge from the shadows alive... ? Classic tales from Gothic horror’s most famous author. Presented as a two-man show, the  audience is invited to a symposium on obsession. A claustrophobic atmosphere prevails in  a  production which features a delightful ‘twist in the tale’! Library of screams is a one-man show presented through dramatic story-telling. Including multi character playing along with atmospheric lighting and sound, this production is a fine addition to our classic short story shows.