Please  email us at for details Our rates are competitive and affordable, providing value for money with high end entertainment value Upon contractual agreement, we will provide all safety and appropriate insurance as standard practice Contracts and Fees ©’Don’t Go Into The Cellar!’   2022   All rights reserved Don't Go Into The Cellar! perform at venues across the United Kingdom, from theatres to manor houses and festivals. Our shows offer an original take on traditional Victorian and Edwardian literature - perfect for people seeking good, old-fashioned theatrical entertainment! Ideal if your glass of abinsthe involves a spot of Yuletide  Ghoulishness. Bookings now being taken for 2022! ‘Strictly Sherlock’ Join the king of the detectives as he brings to life some of his greatest and most baffling cases. This one-man show has been adapted from the classic tales written by Arthur Conan Doyle. We eschew the excesses and deviations of other adaptations and return to the original source material. Expect nothing but Strictly Sherlock! ‘The Thirty-Nine StepsThis new adaptation of the perennial favourite features Jonathan Goodwin as Richard Hannay. A gripping one-man thriller based on the classic John Buchan tale. Can Hannay solve the riddle of The Black Stone in time to avert a global conflict? ‘Tea with Oscar Wilde’ Ladies, Gentlemen, Etc... You are all cordially invited to the 1890’s wittiest “Chit-Chat” show where a gay time is guaranteed! Jonathan Goodwin plays the famed Victorian wit in a show crammed with comedy, pathos, story-telling and audience participation. Space and technical requirements We are able to provide full technical equipment for our shows, all of which is PAT tested as standard practice. For venues with in-house sound and lighting systems, we provide our own technician who will operate the venues equipment during performance and liase with your technical staff. We are able to fit our shows in most spaces, but for specific requirements please CONTACT US ‘Toad of Toad HallPoop-poop! The incorrigible Toad rides again in this high-energy one-man show. There's lots of fun to be had as the Mole, the Rat and the Badger attempt to rein in their friend's natural zest for life. But will they be able to thwart the Handsome Toad of Toad Hall? Jonathan Goodwin plays author Kenneth Grahame, Mr Toad and a host of others. ‘The Night Titanic Sank’ Based on the real-life testimonies of those who survived, The Night Titanic Sank commemorates the maritime disaster by focusing on three lives changed forever by the tragic events of April 15th 1912. The night that the unthinkable happened. The night Titanic sank. ‘The Time Machine’ Join the mysterious Time Traveller as he takes you from one startling episode to the next! Be prepared to encounter eerie creatures, diabolical fiends and fantastical villains in this timeless tale adapted from the fiction of the prophetic H. G. Wells himself! ‘Conan Doyle by Candlelight’ As if creating the greatest detective in English Literature were not enough, Arthur Conan Doyle also penned dozens of truly stupendous ghost and horror stories. In this original stage show, we celebrate his creative genius with startling adaptations of several of his very best. A barnstorming theatrical experience for lovers of ripping yarns and grisly deeds! ‘Raffles’ Written by E.W. Hornung (Arthur Conan Doyle's brother-in-law), A.J. Raffles is the Edwardian era's most celebrated gentleman thief. In a series of highly entertaining tales, the suave cat-burglar thrills and charms you in equal measure. ‘Truly, Jack the Ripper’ Atmospheric one-man show adapted from classic stories based around the Ripper theme. Was the Ripper a mad doctor, an escaped lunatic, a deranged barrister - or someone just like you or me? ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ Journey with us to Victorian London, and experience the unbridled horror of this perennial favourite. The City is paralyzed with fear when the repugnant and wicked Mr Hyde embarks upon his criminal spree. But what is his shocking secret, and what possible connection can he have with the dour and respectable Dr Jekyll? ‘Scotland Yard Investigates’ From the files of Scotland Yard come these startling stage adaptations of infamous true-life nineteenth century crimes. Faithful to the source material but employing a theatrical flourish, expect to be entertained and horrified in equal measure. ‘Dracula, or The Undead’ To celebrate the 125th anniversary of its first publication, we present an original one-man show adapted from the great Bram Stoker Gothic novel. Jonathan Goodwin plays Sir Henry Irving and a host of others in this classic tale of late-Victorian vampirism! ‘Sherlock Holmes Investigates... The Sign of the Four’ In this original one-man show, Jonathan Goodwin plays Sherlock Holmes and a miscellany of other larger-than-life characters. What connects a father's disappearance with an audacious robbery committed in the dead of night? What has become of the great Agra Treasure? And who is the mysterious Jonathan Small?  Classic Victorian detective action at its finest. ‘The War of the Worlds’ The classic tale is restored to its authentic Victorian setting in this original one-man performance, scripted and performed by Jonathan Goodwin. The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one. And yet, mankind finds itself on the brink of extinction when aggressive creatures from that remote planet land on Earth. ‘Hangman Diaries’ Join us for an evening of ghoulish gossip in the shadow of the gallows with public executioners James Berry and John Ellis. They will share with you their experiences of hanging many notorious individuals, including Dr Crippen, John "Babbacombe" Lee, Jack the Ripper suspect William Bury and others! ‘A Christmas Carol’ Join the great Victorian novelist Charles Dickens as he brings to life one of the most famous ghost stories of all time. A tale of revenants and redemption, hauntings and humbug, seasonal spooks and sentiment. Jonathan Goodwin stars as Dickens in this one-man  performance, co-directed by Goodwin and Gary Archer. ‘The Screaming Skull’ Some of the eeriest folklore in the British Isles concerns uncanny tales of screaming skulls. This original theatre show features classic stories based on this blood-chilling phenomena where the dead refuse to stay buried, when old bones start to stir! Award- winning actor Jonathan Goodwin performs in a show directed by Gary Archer In association with MX Publishing, we now have an online store. MP4 recordings of many classic chillers and thrillers are available, with more being added on a regular basis. Also available is our book, "Don't Go Into The Cellar, Mr Holmes!" written by Jonathan Goodwin. SHERLOCK HOLMES BOOKS BY MX PUBLISHING DON’T GO INTO THE CELLAR SHOP ‘First Men In The Moon’ H G Wells created the very foundations of modern science fiction with his wondrous novels and tales from the Victorian and Edwardian eras. This seminal scientific romance is brought to life in a brand-new one man stage show. ‘Victorian Gothic’ We present an anthology stage show based on a classic trio of nineteenth century chillers - The Body-Snatcher, The Monkey's Paw and The Signal-man. Dramatic story-telling in the theatre-style at its best! Actor Jonathan Goodwin performs a show scripted by himself and co-directed with Gary Archer ‘Dorian Gray’ Oscar Wilde's only novel is adapted for the stage in this atmospheric one-man show. What awful secret is stored inside the attic? Only the eternally youthful and charming Dorian Gray knows. But as his appetite for sin leads to ever greater acts of wickedness, Gray will stop at nothing to make sure no one discovers the dreadful truth! ‘The Magic Jars’ In this charming and eccentric Edwardian children's tale, enter a world of fairies, elves, bats and witches, time travel and even a talking cat! Based on the classic story by Montague Rhodes James, acclaimed actor Jonathan Goodwin performs in a show scripted by himself, and co- directed with Gary Archer. ‘Creepy Kipling’ An atmospheric adaptation of Rudyard Kipling's eeriest short stories, including "The Phantom Rickshaw". An authentically macabre way to spend the evening, with one of the greatest authors from the Victorian and Edwardian age.