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Don't Go Into The Cellar! perform at venues across the United Kingdom, from theatres to manor houses and festivals. Our shows offer an original take on traditional Victorian and Edwardian literature - perfect for people seeking good, old-fashioned theatrical entertainment!
Ideal if your glass of abinsthe involves a spot of Yuletide Ghoulishness. Bookings now being taken for 2024!
‘The Thirty-Nine Steps’ This new adaptation of the perennial favourite features Jonathan Goodwin as Richard Hannay. A gripping one-man thriller based on the classic John Buchan tale. Can Hannay solve the riddle of The Black Stone in time to avert a global conflict?
‘Wilde About Oscar’ Join Oscar Wilde for a sparkling and sprightly one-man show, in which stories will be told, laughter will be raised and, perhaps, a few tears shall be shed. Award-winning actor Jonathan Goodwin performs in a show scripted and adapted by himself.
Space and technical requirements
‘Toad of Toad Hall Poop-poop! The incorrigible Toad rides again in this high-energy one-man show. There's lots of fun to be had as the Mole, the Rat and the Badger attempt to rein in their friend's natural zest for life. But will they be able to thwart the Handsome Toad of Toad Hall? Jonathan Goodwin plays author Kenneth Grahame, Mr Toad and a host of others.
‘Diary of a Nobody’ Often cited as being one of the funniest novels of the Victorian era. Jonathan Goodwin plays the beleaguered Mr Pooter, a City clerk at odds with the world around him and the butt of jokes he rarely understands. You will laugh and cringe in equal measure as he relates the daily mundanity of his suburban existence with his wife, Carrie, and son, Lupin.
‘Sherlock Holmes Strikes Back!’ Award-winning actor Jonathan Goodwin returns as super sleuth Sherlock Holmes. Be puzzled by the mysterious Red-Headed League, then join Holmes as he matches wits with the nefarious Professor Moriarty and Colonel Moran! This original stage adaptation is based on the great Conan Doyle classics, and is scripted by Jonathan Goodwin.
‘ Ghost Stories of M.R. James’ An evening of classic ghost stories where you, the audience, chooses which tales are performed! No two performances will be the same, guaranteed! Jonathan Goodwin plays Montague Rhodes James in a show scripted by himself.
‘Raffles’ Written by E.W. Hornung (Arthur Conan Doyle's brother-in-law), A.J. Raffles is the Edwardian era's most celebrated gentleman thief. In a series of highly entertaining tales, the suave cat-burglar thrills and charms you in equal measure.
‘Truly, Jack the Ripper’ Atmospheric one-man show adapted from classic stories based around the Ripper theme. Was the Ripper a mad doctor, an escaped lunatic, a deranged barrister - or someone just like you or me?
‘Jekyll and Hyde’ Journey with us to Victorian London, and experience the unbridled horror of this perennial favourite. The City is paralyzed with fear when the repugnant and wicked Mr Hyde embarks upon his criminal spree. But what is his shocking secret, and what possible connection can he have with the dour and respectable Dr Jekyll?
‘Scotland Yard Investigates’ From the files of Scotland Yard come these startling stage adaptations of infamous true-life nineteenth century crimes. Faithful to the source material but employing a theatrical flourish, expect to be entertained and horrified in equal measure. Featuring dramatizations of the Thames Torso Murders, the Whitechapel Murderer and the Lambeth Poisoner, Dr Thomas Neill Cream!
‘Dracula, or The Undead’ We present an original one-man show adapted from the great Bram Stoker Gothic novel. Jonathan Goodwin plays Count Dracula, Lord of the Undead, and a host of others in this classic tale of late-Victorian vampirism! Prepare to learn the bloody truth that lies beyond the legend!
‘Sherlock Holmes: The Sign of the Four’ In this original one-man show, Jonathan Goodwin plays Sherlock Holmes and a miscellany of other larger-than-life characters. What connects a father's disappearance with an audacious robbery committed in the dead of night? What has become of the great Agra Treasure? And who is the mysterious Jonathan Small? Classic Victorian detective action at its finest.
‘The War of the Worlds’ The classic tale is restored to its authentic Victorian setting in this original one- man performance, scripted and performed by Jonathan Goodwin. The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one. And yet, mankind finds itself on the brink of extinction when aggressive creatures from that remote planet land on Earth.
A Christmas Carol’ Join the great Victorian novelist Charles Dickens as he brings to life one of the most famous ghost stories of all time. A tale of revenants and redemption, hauntings and humbug, seasonal spooks and sentiment. Jonathan Goodwin performs as Dickens in this one-man performance, co-directed by Goodwin and Gary Archer.
‘Ghouls’ Gallery’ An anthology stage show based on a choice selection of great tales of terror by Bram Stoker and other masters of gothic horror!. Authentically gripping dramatic storytelling performed and scripted by award-winning actor Jonathan Goodwin.
In association with MX Publishing, we now have an online store. MP4 recordings of many classic chillers and thrillers are available, with more being added on a regular basis. Also available is our book, "Don't Go Into The Cellar, Mr Holmes!" written by Jonathan Goodwin.
‘Victorian Gothic’ We present an anthology stage show based on a classic trio of nineteenth century chillers - “The Body-Snatcher”, “The Monkey's Paw” and “ Lot No 249”. Dramatic story-telling in the theatre-style at its best! Actor Jonathan Goodwin performs a show scripted by himself and co-directed with Gary Archer
‘Dorian Gray’ Oscar Wilde's only novel is adapted for the stage in this atmospheric one-man show. What awful secret is stored inside the attic? Only the eternally youthful and charming Dorian Gray knows. But as his appetite for sin leads to ever greater acts of wickedness, Gray will stop at nothing to make sure no one discovers the dreadful truth!
‘What Ho Wodehouse’ Jonathan Goodwin performs in a brand new comedy, adapted from some of the early writings of P.G. Wodehouse. A light-hearted romp guaranteed to lift the spirits and make one forget about one's cares and worries. Join affable raconteur Everard "Stinkey" Crumpleton-Psmith as he regales you with tales of fellow Club members' scrapes with irritable secretaries, formidable aunts and bumbling butlers galore!
‘Night of the Vampires’ A theatrical anthology of classic tales of the undead, including adaptations of E.F. Benson and others. A bloody good way to while away an evening! Performed and scripted by actor Jonathan Goodwin.
‘Confessions of Sweeney Todd’ An original one-man performance featuring an audience with the infamous Demon Barber of Fleet Street himself, Sweeney Todd! The classic penny dreadful tale is performed with gusto and swagger by Jonathan Goodwin in a show directed by Gary Archer.
‘The Canterville Ghost’ Enjoy comedy and chills in this original adaptation of the charming Oscar Wilde tale, written especially for children and young families. This one-man show, featuring much audience participation, is guaranteed to raise more than just a ghost of a smile! Philip Jennings stars in a show that's written by Jonathan Goodwin, and directed by Gary Archer.
‘A Pandemonium of Poe’ Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Poe... A show in which the audience gets to choose which Edgar Allan Poe tales are performed! No two performances will ever be the same! Full-blooded gothic melodrama brought to life by Jonathan Goodwin and directed by Gary Archer.
‘Science Fiction by Gaslight’ An original show that explores the literary origins of Steampunk, with dramatic retellings of the finest classic Victorian science fiction, including tales by Arthur Conan Doyle and H.G. Wells.
‘The Hound of the Baskervilles’ Mr Holmes, they were the footprints of a gigantic hound! In this original one- man stage adaptation, award-winning actor Jonathan Goodwin plays Sherlock Holmes and a host of other characters. Based on the world-famous novel by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, expect atmospheric drama at its very best with this superb Victorian gothic thriller!
‘Haunted Dolls’ True-life encounters abound of eerie encounters with apparently possessed or cursed objects that bedevil their unfortunate owners. In this original one-man show, we present an unsettling theatre piece that will demonstrate it isn't always just your imagination playing tricks on you in the dead of night. Your childhood doll really is watching you! Jonathan Goodwin performs in a show scripted by himself and co-directed with Gary Archer.
‘London After Midnight’ Let us wander through the streets and thoroughfares of nighttime London, as we explore the myths and urban legends of the great city. We shall encounter grisly tales of malignant spirits and cold-hearted killers, Spring-Heeled Jack and the Peckham Ghost, eccentrics and scoundrels along the way. Written and performed by Jonathan Goodwin.
‘Sherlock Holmes’ Christmas Casebook’ Take a trip to Baker Street and spend Christmas with Sherlock Holmes in this engaging stage show starring award-winning actor Jonathan Goodwin as the famed detective. Features an original theatrical adaptation of the Conan Doyle classic, "The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle" and other festive delights!
For your ease of reference, our shows have been categorised according to genre. This will enable audiences and venues alike to choose the Cellar production that is right for them. As a general rule, all of our shows are suitable for people aged eleven and over. The exception is "The Canterville Ghost", which is aimed at young families with children aged five and above.
‘Frankenstein’ In this original and faithful adaptation of Mary Shelley's perennial Gothic horror, award-winning actor and writer Jonathan Goodwin plays a host of characters, including both Victor Frankenstein and his monstrous creation. Dramatic macabre storytelling at its atmospheric best!
‘Uncle Holly’ An original ghost story for Christmas, written in the Victorian vein, featuring the malevolent spectre of Synderford, Uncle Holly. Jonathan Goodwin performs this one-man show. Written by Jonathan Goodwin and co-directed by Goodwin and Gary Archer.
‘1901 A Space Odyssey’ An original adaptation of the H. G. Wells classic, “The First Men in the Moon”. A high spirited and rollicking scientific romance that sees our two protagonists go boldly where no Victorians have gone before. To the moon! Though the surface of the strange celestial body is challenging enough, what untold horrors may lurk beneath?
‘Three Men in a Boat’ A fresh adaptation of the classic comic tale. Join Walsall's very own Jerome K Jerome as he recounts his quixotic journey with friends Harris and George, not forgetting Montmorency the dog along the River Thames. As funny now as it was all those years ago!
‘Greyfriars Bobby’ A heart-warming one-man adaptation of the classic tale based on the true story of a Highland terrier and his unwavering loyalty to his master, Jock. A sentimental caper for animal lovers young and old alike.
‘Charles Dickens Telling Tales’ An original and authentic recreation of the great author's dramatic performances adapted from several of his shorter tales, including ghost classic "The Signal-man" and comic selection taken from "The Pickwick Papers". Dickens is for life, not just for Christmas!
We are able to provide full technical equipment for our shows, all of which is PAT tested as standard practice. For venues with in-house sound and lighting systems, we provide our own technician who will operate the venues equipment during performance and liaise with your technical staff. All we require is a Duty Technician to assist in focussing and setting up light and sound desks. We are able to fit our shows in most spaces, but for specific requirements please CONTACT US
Selected photographs to give an idea of costume, set and lighting
‘Sherlock Holmes versus Dracula’ In late-Victorian London, a spate of inexplicable murders has Scotland Yard baffled. Bodies are being found drained of blood. Sherlock Holmes knows that vampires do not exist, until he witnesses evidence to the contrary. Can Van Helsing and the king of detectives combine forces to solve the mystery? Or will Dracula, Lord of the Undead cut a bloody swathe throughout the Empire? Jonathan Goodwin plays Sherlock Holmes, in a show scripted by himself, and co-directed with Gary Archer.
‘The Invisible Man’ Ingenious. Invisible. Insane. One of the greatest science fiction tales of all time is adapted by Don't Go Into The Cellar! Based on the classic H.G. Wells novella, Jonathan Goodwin plays a host of characters including the deranged scientist Griffin whose invisibility drug leads to his undertaking a murderous rampage across the Sussex countryside. Jonathan Goodwin performs a show scripted by himself and co-directed with Gary Archer.
‘Folk Horror’ Jonathan Goodwin writes and performs this original theatre show. An eerie and unsettling anthology of tales that explore the mystical and sometimes threatening hold our agricultural past exerts over the present day. An atmospheric piece of theatre, ideal for fans of The Wicker Man and Witchfinder General.