07867 942 490 ©’Don’t Go Into The Cellar!’   2019   All rights reserved Enjoy an audience with Mr Edward Lear, King of the Nonsense Rhyme and Loopy Limerick! Allow him to entertain you with tall tales concerning his life and times, the people, flora and fauna he encountered along the way, and his own inimitable philosophy of life. Oh, and a certain owl and a particular pussycat are both guaranteed! Jonathan Goodwin Edward Lear Original material written by Jonathan Goodwin Adaptations by Jonathan Goodwin Directed by Jonathan Goodwin and Gary Archer Go back Thursday 11th   Strelley Hall   Main Street   Strelley   Nottingham   NG8 6PE 7:30pm   £19.50 show including a buffet supper Please call 0115 906 1200 or 906 1305 for more information