07867 942 490 ©’Don’t Go Into The Cellar!’   2019   All rights reserved Allow the cosmic horror of Howard Phillips Lovecraft to envelop your senses and blast your imagination! At any moment, the terrors of the Ancient Ones may be unleashed upon the world. The Elder Gods scrutinise our every deed, awaiting their opportunity to reclaim what was once theirs. Madness will be a blessing to those mere mortals who witness the crawling chaos soon to be released upon mankind! Adaptations by Jonathan Goodwin Original material written by Jonathan Goodwin Directed by Gary Archer Go back Thursday 7th   Old Red Lion Theatre Pub   418 St John Street   London   EC1V 4NJ 7:00pm Book Tickets Tuesday 30th   Birmingham & Midland Institute   9 Margaret Street   B3 3BS 7:30pm Book Tickets