07867 942 490 ©’Don’t Go Into The Cellar!’   2019   All rights reserved The Wilton Herriot Players are delighted to present their adaptation of the literary classic! The nineteenth century is drawing to an end, and a brave new world is set to dawn. But the new age of enlightenment and reason will soon be challenged, and scientific fact cast asunder, when the charismatic preacher, Frankenstein, shocks Britons to the core with his claims. For the Reverend can communicate with the dead, and those sceptics intolerant of his beliefs will soon pay for their blasphemy! Suzy Celensu Shelley Jonathan Goodwin Peake Written by Jonathan Goodwin Directed by Gary Archer Go back Wednesday 9th  Oldham Library   Greaves Street   Oldham   OL1 1AL 7:30pm Please call the venue on  0161 770 8000 for information