07867 942 490 ©’Don’t Go Into The Cellar!’   2018   All rights reserved Be chilled by an evening's eerie entertainment, with this original theatrical anthology of a selection of Poe's finest feats of fear-filled fiction! Be guided by the sinister Dr Trevellyan as he leads you into the deepest recesses of the human psyche. Along the way you will encounter such stark terror as may shatter the senses! But will you emerge from the shadows alive... ? Jonathan Goodwin Dr Trevellyan Edmund Temple Barnabas Fotherington Adaptations by Jonathan Goodwin Original material written by Jonathan Goodwin Directed by Gary Archer GO BACK Thursday 12th   The Booksmith   The Royal Ordnance Depot   Weedon Bec   Northamptonshire   NN7 4PS 7:00pm   £10.00 Please contact the venue on 01327 227391 for details